Taylor Swift Will Never Go Out Of Style

Taylor Swift, you win. I like your music.

Target premiered a clip of a new song off Tay’s new album “1989” called “Never Go Out Of Style,” and it’s another fun bopper.

Listen to a teaser of “Welcome To New York.”

It’s the kind of song you’ll roll your windows down and carelessly sing along to. I picture myself cruising up to a red light in my Corolla, look to my right and catch a stare from a soccer mom in her silver mini van with five kids in the back fighting over control of her iPhone hating her life because she sees I’m having the best time ever. She’s probably on her way home from Target.

Listen to “Out Of The Woods.”


“You got that hair slicked back. White T shirt, and I got that good girl faith in a tight little skirt.”

Listen to it here:

Do YOU like it?