Taylor Swift Will Bank $365 Million This Year

October 19, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Not to rub it in, but her super famous, handsome DJ boyfriend makes millions as well.

Taylor Swift Will Bank $365 Million This Year

Could you imagine even in your wildest dreams making $1 million every day for a year straight?

Most people won’t see a fraction of that in their entire lifetime, and Taylor Swift will reportedly earn that in 2015 alone.

So far, the “Bad Blood” singer has raked in $317.8 million since January thanks to her ‘1989’ album, the world tour and endorsement deals for Sony and Ked. She’s expected to take home $365 by the year’s end, according to new reports.

She’s also one-half of the world’s highest-paid celebrity couples. Her boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris, makes millions through his Las Vegas residencies and endorsement deals with Giorgio Armani and Sol Republic.

They replaced Beyonce and Jay Z on Forbes’ richest celebrity couples.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are like…