Taylor Swift Was Hacked

Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram was hacked today, further proving absolutely nothing and no one on the Internet is safe.

An elite group of hackers by the name of Lizard Squard took control of Taylor Swift’s social media accounts and promoted themselves on it (naturally). They also posted a bizarre photo on her Instagram of a man squatting on a toilet… naked.

It is thought Tay’s password was “il0velorde.”

Taylor Swift Was Hacked

They only had control for about 15 minutes, but considering Tay Tay has over 50 million followers on Twitter and millions more on Instagram, the reaction was instant, and it was strong. Once Taylor finally got back control, she blasted out a Tweet addressing the hack, as well as a message on her Tumblr.

Well, now I’m awake.

My Twitter got hacked but don’t worry, Twitter is deleting the hacker tweets and locking my account until they can figure out how this happened and get me new passwords.
Never a dull moment.

Then she took to Twitter to address some alleged **** photos the hackers may or may not want you to believe are Taylor.

I believe her, but let’s not kid ourselves – Taylor Swift probably has thousands of naked selfies on her iPhone 5 which now rests in the bottom drawer of her nightstand.

We are living in a dangerous digital age where encryption, proxies and passwords are complete ********; a safety blanket for us computer-illiterate fools to comfort us thinking our content is safe.

Taylor Swift Was Hacked

Taylor isn’t the only pop diva targeted in recent months. As you are well aware, an Israeli hacker broke into Madonna’s Dell and stole her entire album, leaking it onto the web months before its tentative release. Bjork… same thing happened. Just assume if anything is on your computer or iPhone (what’s an Android), it is probably in the creepy hands of someone else.

Taylor hasn’t commented on the hack, but I imagine she’s already writing a song about it, and the chorus rhymes with “Katy.”