Let the games begin.

Let the games begin.

No one does em’ like Taylor Swift anymore.

The pop star has made a name for herself in the video file. She teamed up with director Joseph Kahn for yet another visual masterpiece, this time for Reputation cut “…Ready For It?”

It’s an intoxicating, action-packed sci-fi event that paints Swift as a Ghost In The Shell-inspired heroine – a huge contrast from the way the Internet paintsssss her. In it, Swift has a face-off with her alter-ego – a cloned robot trapped inside a hologram vortex. Despite its best attempts to woo Swift into releasing her, the pop star remains stubborn. She attempts to destroy it, but it does more harm than good. What a spectacle!

UPDATE: Now that I have had time to digest what the hell I watched, here’s what I got from it: The actual Taylor Swift is the cloaked Taylor robot who attempts to destroy her counterpart? But the android Taylor trapped in the forcefield wants her power back? So she time travels to the “Blank Space” video and steals back the white horse and then attempts to demolish the “real” taylor. So she unleashes her fury and rips the skin off of “real Taylor” which is actually another robot and tries to reclaim her true self. And the cyborgs and cloaked villains stalker her represent the media and rumors and ******** etc etc. Then at the very end she becomes an actual human, hence the tear. AMIRIGHT? I want what Joseph Kahn is having.

Watch below:

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