Taylor Swift Announces and Teases "Style" Video

Taylor Swift’s new music video seems pretty… stylish.

Excuse the pun, but when I write about Taylor Swift I insist on extra cheese, honey.

Swift shared a teaser of her new new music video for “Style,” the third single off her colossally massive hit record “1989.” The clip is silent, forcing us to imagine what lyric the smoke billows to, but we imagine it’s when she sings about James Dean.

The three-second scene is a large departure for Swifty. Normally the Katy Perry feuding chanteuse opts for glamor shots and sparkly stuff, but it appears she wants a little art dispersed in between the glamor and sparkle.

Watch it here and comment in Exhale!

STYLE music video. Friday. #Feb13STYLE

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The video drops on Friday, Feb. 13.

Expect classic red lips.