Taylor Swift isn’t buying Kanye and Kim’s defense.


Taylor Swift isn’t buying Kanye and Kim’s defense.

Kimye reportedly met with their lawyers prior to Kim releasing footage of Kanye chatting with Swift on the phone about his Pablo song “Famous.”

The clips show Swift seemingly agreeing to the inclusion of her name on a lyric, which at the time was: “For all my Southside n—– that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have ***.”

The final lyric is: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have *** / I made that ***** famous.”

When the song initially dropped, Swift’s rep said Kanye “did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account.” She also added that she was “never made aware of the actual lyrics, ‘I made that ***** famous.’”

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After Kim’s social media blast, Swift went on the record to deny her knowledge of the “*****” reference and was not aware Kanye was taping their conversation. Turns out recording or eavesdropping on any confidential communication without the consent of all parties involved is a felony, according to California Penal Code 632. Sources close to the situation confirm West was in Los Angeles at the time, and he may have violated California’s “two-party consent” law. According to EW, Swift likely assumed the call would be private, meaning West would be in violation of the wiretapping law.

“Kim and Kanye consulted with their lawyers and still went ahead with releasing it,” a source told Us. “They are not worried. They are sick of Taylor’s manipulations and her good girl act. They just wanted to expose her as a fake and will let the lawyers deal with legal stuff.”

TMZ debunked reports what Kim and Kanye did was considered a felony because they claim Swift was aware other people were listening in on the conversation.

“In California, if someone records a ‘confidential communication’ and the other party to the conversation doesn’t know it’s being taped, it’s a crime. But ‘confidential communication’ does not include conversations that ‘may be overheard.’

They add that Swift knew she was being overhear, but new reports from Swift’s camp claim the 1989 singer was not aware she was on speaker phone and though she could hear other voices in the room, she assumed they couldn’t hear her.

Taylor is still considering filing a police report because she had no idea other people could hear her.

Per TMZ:

“What’s more … we’re told Taylor wants them to bring it on … the call lasted a full hour and Kim was very selective in what she posted. Taylor wants the entire conversation released, because everyone would hear — Kanye never said he’d call her a “*****” in the song. We’ve listened to the tape and the word “*****” is never mentioned.

We’re told she’s also upset Kanye made the song sound lighthearted, when in fact it’s mean-spirited. Taylor’s rep said in a statement .. Kanye never asked Taylor for approval — which the tape proves — but she believes he was deceptive.

On the call … Kanye promises to send her an advance copy of the song, which he did not do. Our Taylor sources say Kanye knew if she heard it before it was released, she’d pitch a fit.”

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