A Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift duet officially exists.

I know what you’re thinking: this is something no one asked for, and I agree with you. The “Lover” remix feels completely innocuous, but unnecessary. However, it’s worth reminding you Swift is extremely business savvy, and anything Shawn touches turns to streaming gold. Would “Señorita” have hit No. 1 without him?

On the surprise-release remix, Taylor’s vocals remain true to the original. There’s a few plunky strings added, and new verses from Shawn, which includes the two singing together. It’s cute, I’ll give them that.


By the way, there’s a rumor claiming Swift is releasing a new album in the very near future. The timing of this is very sus.

Hopefully the reporters who started that rumor were onto something, and it’s not just this remix that they were referring to.

Listen to the remix below, then let us know what you think in the comments:

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  1. Wow as much as I hate when artists bandwagon on others (Beyonce). I think this works as an alternate version, should’ve been the original single. Don’t think it will do much on radio anymore.

  2. What I really dislike about these re-release remixes is that the added vocal production never fits with the original (although their harmonies are good here, it’s his that stick out like a sore thumb). It’s why Mimi remixes are always the greatest.

    I feel like this could peform like Delicate and stay stable for a long time without peaking very high – especially going into the cold/festive season & radio loves her.

    Still don’t know why she didn’t release this era earlier & had Cruel Summer as it’s lead tho ugh

  3. I love the original song so much. This version is fine, but this just makes me feel like she was really trying to copy the success of Ed Sheeran’s perfect. He obviously added Beyonce to the song to get it to number 1, and she’s trying the same with Lover. I even realize sonically they’re similar now too. 

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