Taylor Swift says Adams’ version has a “beautiful, aching sadness and longing” that doesn’t exist in the original.

Taylor Swift Says Ryan Adams' Cover Album Re-Imagines Her Songs

Taylor Swift says she’s having trouble differentiating Ryan Adams’ versions of her songs from the original whilst on tour.

During Adams’ interview with Beats1 for Apple Music on Monday (Sep. 21), Adams admitted the idea came about last November and began recording his own versions of them for fun – until the machine quite literally ate the tape and destroyed his work. From there, he re-recorded them with a full band.

“I was going through a difficult time in my life,” Adams said, “and by the time Christmas rolled around, it was the first time I was back in L.A. during the holidays, alone, on my own.”

As Adams is explaining the debacle, Swift surprise-calls in and explains how she feels about the record, describing it as “absolutely gorgeous,” “well-thought out” and “conceptualized.”

They’re not cover songs. They’re reimaginings of my songs, and you can tell that he was in a different place emotionally than I was. There’s this beautiful aching sadness and longing in this album that doesn’t exist in the original.

She adds there’s a “beautiful, aching sadness and longing” that doesn’t exist in the original.

One problem Swift faces now, is she’s beginning to sing Adams’ version on tour and worries it’s going to confuse the audience. “I start kind of singing his new melodies on tour, she admits, “and I’d have to stop myself.

Listen to their new interview here:

If you haven’t heard it yet, please give Adams’ re-imagined “1989” record a listen: