Taylor Swift Says Being A Pop Star Is “Not That Hard”

May 26, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Taylor Swift found wonderland.

Taylor Swift Says Being A Pop Star Is "Not That Hard"

Taylor Swift says being a pop star is “not that hard.”

It’s true! If you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work, so when Taylor Swift tells BBC’s Radio 1 the hardest part about going on tour is leaving her cats, we can’t help but hysterically laugh, but more importantly commend her for following her dreams.

“It’s not that hard. It’s made out to be harder than it is,” she says. “I do have to leave the cats behind when I leave the country, which is the hardest part.”


Swift is currently traveling the world with her “1989 World Tour,” but just because she loves performing… doesn’t mean it isn’t exhausting.

“That’s the best part of this – when you walk off stage and you’re drenched in sweat and you’re tired and your legs hurt … it feels like you’re really working for the job,” she says. “It’s nice to feel tired after a show. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m finally doing something.’ ”

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