Taylor’s Reputation stadium tour could be one for the books.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation stadium tour could be one for the books.

The New York Post wrote a scathing story about Taylor’s upcoming tour. The headline read “Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ tour shaping up to be a disaster.” The article cited unnamed industry sources who claimed “stratospheric markups and greedy sales gimmicks” were a “mega disappointment.”

One of those gimmicks they’re referring to is Taylor Swift Tix. Fans who pre-ordered the album or purchased merchandise would be given access to better tickets for the tour.

A report from Billboard quickly followed, and it claims quite the opposite. Yes, there are still thousands of tickets still available for all of the shows, a major contrast to the 1989 Tour that sold-out within minutes, but it’s due to a new marketing sales scheme that blocks bots from amassing bundles of tickets and re-selling them at a higher cost. Instead, Taylor wants to ensure real fans get access to the tickets. It also puts money in Taylor’s pocket versus ticket-selling sites like StubHub.

From Billboard: “The idea is to charge what people end up eventually paying for the ticket on the secondary market, capturing the revenue for the artist and making it more difficult for scalpers to flip the tickets on the secondary. While the practice does shift spending toward the artist, several ticketing professionals say they are concerned about how Swift’s high ticket prices will affect consumers.”

The music giant adds that Swift is expected to sell between $7.5 million and $10 million worth of tickets each show. “Couple that with six shows in Europe and five shows in Australia and New Zealand, and Swift is looking at earning anywhere between $390 million and $510 million for the Reputation Tour, putting her on track to have one of the top-grossing tours of all time based on Billboard Boxscores.”

NY Post loses. Taylor has one of the most loyal and aggressive fanbases in the world. There’s no doubt that she’ll end up selling out in the next few months and have one of, if not THE, best-selling tour ever.

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  1. No, I’m not going to the show. And have you seen the prices on the tickets? It IS a total gimmick. I hope the stadiums are half full. According to the maps on ticketmaster, they will be. Maybe she’ll finally realize that her reputation is catching up to her.

  2. She’s a young talented girl , if this tour doesn’t sell for her I don’t feel bad. I am not sure why people dislike/love her so much? I don’t listen to her music but I do think she’s talented.

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