Pop rock?

Is Taylor Swift’s new album leaning towards pop-rock?

Swift’s name has been synonymous with Katy Perry as of late, but alas, a story about her music!

Word on the street is that she’s collaborating with Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff, Ryan Adams and Dashboard Confessional lead singer Chris Carrabba on songs for her sixth studio album.

Antonoff is an obvious choice. He and Swift collaborated on a handful of tracks on 1989, including “Out Of The Woods” and “I Wish You Would.” His relationship with actress Lena Dunham even inspired “You Are In Love.” Swift was asked way back when about one of the lyrics, “You’re my best friend,” to which she replied: “I’ve never had that, so I wrote that song about things that Lena has told me about her and Jack. That’s just basically stuff she’s told me. And I think that that kind of relationship — God, it sounds like it would just be so beautiful — would also be hard. It would also be mundane at times.”

Ryan Adams’ inclusion also makes sense. The man literally made an entire cover album of 1989.

As for Carrabba? Also a no-brainer. Swift has been a big fan of Dashboard Confessional since forever. She even invited the frontman to sing at her friend’s surprise birthday party in 2015. There’s a video of the moment at the bottom of the post.

There were conflicting reports circulating last month that speculated Taylor’s new record was either pop-focused or country, but if the rumors are true that she’s collaborating with the aforementioned, it sounds like she’ll include some breezy rock vibes as well.

There are also whispers (and a semi-confirmation from Ed Sheeran) that the LP drops this fall. Be patient, bbs.

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