Look what you made her do.

When manager Scooter Braun purchased Swift’s former label, Big Machine, for $300 million, he became the owner of Taylor’s master recordings. Meaning, everything she recorded pre-Lover is now in Braun’s hands.

Swift claims she nor her team knew about the deal until it was made public on the Internet (Braun and the president of Big Machine refute that). Swift penned a scathing letter about the ordeal.

The super star maintains stands her ground in a new interview for CBS, airing on Sunday (August 25). In an effort to regain control, Swift revealed plans to re-record her past works.

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“Might you do that?” Tracy Smith asks Swift in the interview.

“Oh yeah,” Swift says.

“That’s a plan?” Smith asks.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Swift says. “Yeah that’s true and it’s something I’m very excited about. My contract says starting from November 2020 I can start re-recording albums 1-5. I think artists deserve to own their own work. It’s next year, I’m gonna be busy.”

Big Machine owns the master recordings, but Swift is the one who composed them. Meaning, she can do this legally and get away with it.

You may recall singer JoJo did something similar earlier this year. Her former label held the singer’s earlier works hostage and refused to hand them over, so she re-recorded and re-released them.

Following the news of the Swift and Braun scandal, singer Kelly Clarkson, who has also had her fair share of unjust moves made in the industry, advised Swift to re-record her music. Someone was listening.

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