Taylor Swift ushers in her new era with style.

RIP Reputation. Taylor made that very clear in the intro of her new video for “Me!,” “Shake It Off’s” kid sister.

It begins with a slithering snake, an iconic symbol used emphatically in the singer’s last era, however it bursts into a bomb of butterflies, and so begins a story of heartbreak and romance.

“Me!” features Panic! At The Disco frontman, Brendon Urie. Swift generously let Urie’s soaring falsetto soak up the spotlight.

He’s also charming eye candy in the vibrant, pastel-themed video (directed by Dave Meyers – his fingerprints are all over this). The two begin with a lover’s quarrel (in French) before plummeting into a wondrous world filled with magic, dancing and… unicorns!

Sonically, “Me!” was a bit underwhelming for me upon first listen, but there’s no denying her songwriting talents are immense. The chorus is sugary sweet and will certainly embed itself into your brain and linger for hours, but it feels elementary compared to her previous works. I vehemently enjoyed Swift’s venomous persona she executed so flawlessly during Reputation. But she’s in love now, and that angsty vibe just doesn’t reflect where she’s at in life right now. Swift is happy, and her new music shows it.

Watch below:

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