Taylor Swift is cryptically teasing her Reputation followup.

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Taylor is definitely up to something. The singer recently announced a new record deal with Universal Music Group (read more about that here) and could very well be readying a new album in the near future.

Swift is posting photos on Instagram that show are apparent clues about her new album. She turned the comments off on the posts, so fans had to hop on Facebook and Twitter to theorize what this possibly means, because it’s not likely she’s just sharing it for funs *insert snake emoji here*.

She even acknowledged the conspiracy theories.

And where there’s smoke… there’s fire. Swift is taking an appearance at the iHeart Radio Music Awards on March 14th. iHeart will honor her with some award, but it might be the golden opportunity for Swift to announce the new music.

There’s buzz she could reveal something even as soon as this week.

Taylor recently wrote an essay about her passion for songwriting.

“I love writing songs because I love preserving memories, like putting a picture frame around a feeling you once had. I like to use nostalgia as inspiration when I’m writing songs for the same reason I like to take photographs. I like to be able to remember the extremely good and extremely bad times,” she tells Elle UK.

“I think these days, people are reaching out for connection and comfort in the music they listen to. We like being confided in and hearing someone say, ‘this is what I went through’ as proof to us that we can get through our own struggles. “

“We actually do NOT want our pop music to be generic. I think a lot of music lovers want some biographical glimpse into the world of our narrator, a hole in the emotional walls people put up around themselves to survive.”

“This glimpse into the artist’s story invites us to connect it to our own, and in the best case scenario, allows us the ability to assign that song to our memories.”

“It’s this alliance between a song and our memories of the times it helped us heal, or made us cry, dance, or escape that truly stands the test of time.”

Last year, Swift started liking posts on Tumblr from Swifties chatting about the Reputation followup dubbed TS7.

During acceptance speech for Best Pop/Rock Album at the AMAs, Swift briefly explained the creative process behind Reputation, then low-key teased she’s working on new material.

“I always look at albums as chapters in my life. And I’m so—to the fans, I’m so happy that you like this one. I’m so happy that this means that you like this one,” she said.

“But I have to be really honest with you about something: I’m even more excited about the next chapter.”

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In 2018, a move like this would seem improbable, but as the years trickle along we’re seeing mainstream artists hop in the studio almost immediately after dropping an album to prepare another. Pop music is usually the last genre to drop time sensitive songs, but the fast-paced digital age is inspiring our favs to release more music, faster. Ariana Grande released Sweetener and dropped a record-breaking followup less than six months later. Taylor is an ingenious business woman – she sees what’s going on and wants in.

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