We ****.

Taylor Swift’s Target-exclusive Reputation magazines takes shots at the industry.

We could have seen this coming from a mile away. Swift is sick and tired of the media dragging her name through the mud. Reputation is a response to it all, beginning with a pair of cheeky magazines.

The pop star revealed the covers of the special edition covers weeks ago, but the backside remained a mystery until now. After they leaked onto the Internet ahead of schedule, Swift ultimately had no choice but to share them. Ludicrous headlines splash across the page after in a manner similar to a tabloid mag.

“Who is Olivia’s real father?,” reads one of the headlines. Olivia is her cat. “Will her poetry reveal the truth?” reads another. And yes, yes it will.

We hear you, Swift. We ****.

There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation.

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reputation magazines Vol.1 & Vol. 2 Target exclusive. Nov. 10. Pre-order now.

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