Taylor Swift Meets With Kanye West For Dinner

February 18, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Taylor Swift Meets With Kanye West For Dinner

The Kanye West and Taylor Swift song collaboration continues…

Kanye West told Ryan Seacrest last week he’s teaming up with Taylor Swift for a track. Seeing as it is Kanye West, avid avoider of reality/entitled narcissist, I figured he was full of ****. I imagined Taylor Swift would catch wind of the rumor, laugh her *** off and continue eating peanut butter out of the jar while she pet her cat and swiped left on Tinder.

I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

The two grabbed dinner together at The Spotted Pig in NYC Tuesday night, probably brainstorming how they are going to ruin Taylor’s career and attempt to salvage Kanye’s good name.

I know the overwhelming response from Taylor Swift fans is sheer and utter resistance to the thought of America’s douchebag jumping in on a song with America’s sweetheart. I’m going to remain open to this upcoming release because I’m always down for a good publicity stunt. Or at the very least… a train wreck.