Taylor Swift’s upcoming record has a big reputation.

The Internet put on a brave face to tackle Taylor’s latest single, “ME!,” featuring Brendon Urie. It’s not often we have sites drag the pop superstar, but the overall reaction to her lead single was MEH!

It’s no secret Taylor absorbs blogosphere commentary, and is probably well aware of the so-so reviews (it’s worth mentioning the video for “ME!” is the most-watched visual from a solo or female artist in history). But in true T Swift fashion, she’s shaking it off – cause the haters gonna hate, hate, hate (sorry).

In a new interview on the Zach Sang Show, Swift says the other songs featured on her forthcoming album sound different from “ME!”

“This album is a pretty big story, there’s a lot to say, there’s a lot that’s said,” she revealed. “There’s lyrics that I’m really proud of. There’s a lot more on the album that’s very different from the first single… I’m excited for more to get revealed.”

Elsewhere, Swift says “there are definitely political undertones in the new music and I’m not about to stop making young people vote and trying to get young people to do it to have a say in what’s going on in our country, I think that’s one of the most important things I could do.”

Not sure how to feel about that, but it’s definitely different!

In a new interview with the Independent, Swift calls “ME!” a “palette cleanser.”

“I wanted them to see that I’m heading in a different direction musically than they’ve seen in the past few years,” she said. “This song was to change expectations and be a bit of a palette cleanser before they hear more of this new project. Plus, the chorus just makes me happy and lifts my mood when I sing it. I never want to be presumptuous, but I hoped it might do the same for someone who’s having a s***ty day.”

For those who didn’t instantly fall in love with the lead single, that’s good news. I think it’s important to point out that most of Swift’s lead singles aren’t accurate reflections of her albums. “Shake It Off” is another catchy pop tune, and it didn’t particularly fit well with the masterpieces featured on 1989. So… there’s hope!

There’s also buzz that the new album incorporates a musical theme. If you look closely, it appears the “ME!” music video was full of nods to famous musicals. This makes a lot of sense considering Taylor stars in the upcoming film adaptation of Cats.

Her Witness era, indeed.

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