They’ve gone viral.

Sketches from Taylor Swift’s court hearing have gone viral.

Swift is in court right now for a lawsuit against DJ David Mueller, who she accuses of slipping his hand under her dress while they posed backstage together for a meet & greet at one of her 2013 concerts.

Mueller counter-sued Swift for slander, asking for $3m in damages and adamantly denies the allegations against him. Then, Swift counter-sued for assault and battery. She’s asking for a single $1. Clearly, this is not about the money for Swift – she’s proving a point.

The trial is underway. You can read the gritty details of day one here. A source described Swift as “very serious,” and judging from new court drawings… she was indeed (see below).

The sketches have actually gone viral, and the overwhelming majority of Twitter users believe Katy Perry is the one responsible for creating them. Ah, leave it to the Internet to make a mockery out of a sexual assault lawsuit.

See them below:

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