On stage, that is.


Fifth Harmony proved their worth on stage with Taylor Swift tonight.

We’re more than accustomed to Taylor’s 1989 guests by now. Basically, if you’ve got a song on the charts right now, you’re in.

Fifth Harmony’s dreams came true tonight when they got up to perform their smash hit Worth It with the 25-year-old superstar. The performance obviously resonated with Swift, and we all know she loves a girl squad:

“I think I should say again, this is not my outfit…I borrowed it from a friend.. And my friend is in one of the biggest and most successful groups in the world. They have one of the most powerful and loyal fanbases in the entire world. They also have one of the biggest smash hit singles in the country right now, called ‘Worth it.’ Fifth Harmony have a sixth member tonight, Fifth Harmony’s here tonight!”

Taylor, who was recently dubbed one of the best songwriters of all time by Rolling Stone, has a pre-existing friendship with 5H, particularly Camilla, who spoke out recently about her love for the Wildest Dreams singer after attending Swift’s Metlife concert:

“OK, so I have always wanted to go to a Taylor Swift show and write 13 all over my body, and if my mom hadn’t told me to calm down and be ‘at least a little cool’ I DEFINITELY would’ve been dressed up as a Starbucks lover. Tonight I sang at the top of my lungs to all the Taylor songs that have been the soundtrack to my life — that have understood how I felt more than anybody else did. My sister and I danced like maniacs and I screamed ‘I LOVE YOU!!!’ when it got quiet and didn’t really care who was looking, BAHAHA. For anyone that has known me from the beginning you know she is my musical queen — so for that reason — and just me coming to see one of my most magical friends absolutely kill it — TONIGHT. WAS. AWESOME. It’s 4 a.m. and I’m exhausted and happy. LOOK AT THAT CROWD. LOOK AT THEM SINGING. LOOK AT IT.”

The band took to Twitter to share their excitement after the performance:

Looks like they had loads of fun!

Is there a special guest you’d love to see Taylor share her stage with?