For the fans.

Taylor Swift’s new album is for the fans.

What a great time to be a Swifty. Taylor’s new album, Reputation, drops on Friday (Nov. 10). Usually, artists provide an advanced copy to high-profile media outlets (like BreatheHeavy haaa) so their glowing reviews can shower the Internet on release day, but Swift isn’t concerned with that. According to E! News, the industry will have to wait like everybody else to hear it. That could explain why Swift invited 500 fans to a secret listening party and not a single member from the media (watch that below).

As Of Right Now, Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Will Not Be Available To Stream

We don’t know much about the album besides what Taylor has officially released. There’s a track list floating around Twitter right now, but Taylor Nation is literally pressuring the social platform to close these accounts for spreading the information. That means I can’t share it with you – if we are to believe it’s true, I will say that the Ed Sheeran / Future collab on a song called “End Game” does indeed exist.

See ya on Friday, Reputation!

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