They sang “Good For You” and “Mirrors”


Taylor Swift invites her bestie Selena Gomez to sing “Good For You” during her L.A. show on Wednesday.

We saw it coming, but now that it happened it’s surreal to think two mega pop stars like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, who happen to be close friends, actually performed together in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Selena clearly felt nostalgic after the show, tweeting a collage dedicated to her long term friendship with Swift:

Taylor was then joined by Justin Timberlake and the pair performed JT’s hit Mirrors.

And finally, the self-confessed Friends stan brought Phoebe Buffay herself – Lisa Kudrow – on stage to perform the most iconic song of the 90s: Smelly Cat:

Some might find Taylor’s endless list of celeb cameos at her live shows a bit self indulgent or attention seeking but let’s be real, if we all had this kind of power, we’d use it to do all sorts of crazy things too, right? If anything, it proves Taylor is just about the best networker the entertainment industry has ever seen.

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