Taylor Swift Hints New Single?

Taylor Swift hinted to fans her new single is called “Pushing Buttons,” or “18,” or “Small Yellow Light” or “Index Finger Elevator.”

Yeah, it’s probably one of those.

She posted this inconspicuous clip on Instagram with the caption:

So, here’s your first clue…

Meanwhile, when Taylor Swift isn’t trolling her fanbase, she’s singing for sick kids to cheer them up.

Over the weekend, the “We Are Never Getting Back Together” singer dropped by Boston Children’s Hospital to play for Jordan Lee Nickerson, a six-year-old who at 18-months was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, which causes both physical and developmental disabilities. Last month, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Taylor made it just in time before the little guy’s next round of chemotherapy.

You can visit Jordan’s Brave Page to send him some encouragement.

Hopefully it made him feel strong going into it! Watch it here: