Swift says the media made an interesting character out of her, and she felt compelled to explore it.


Taylor Swift remembers her mindset writing “Blank Space” to the intimate gathering attending her exclusive Grammy Museum concert last September.

Now that buzz from Swift’s brilliantly-filmed Jonas Ã…kerlund-directed 1989 concert on iTunes has simmered down, she’s releasing clips from her private Grammy Museum event. Days ago, Swift shared her acoustic take on “Wildest Dreams,” and today (Jan. 7), the 26-year-old wants you to recall why boys only want love if it’s torture.

Watch Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” Music Video

The song is “a response to… the media [who have had] a wonderful fixation on kind of painting me as this psycho serial dater girl,” she says. “It’s been awesome… I loved it… It got pretty out of control for a couple of years.”

Swift admits her initial reaction towards the media’s depiction of her was a “bummer,” but she refocused. “Then my second reaction ended up being like, ‘hey that’s actually kind of a really interesting character they’re writing about.’

Watch Swift’s low-key acoustic take on “Blank Space” below:

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