Taylor Swift exposed Ed Sheeran.

Rolling Stone released nine quotes from Taylor’s recent cover story that didn’t make the final cut. One of them included her analysis on the charts in 2019. 

1.) She doesn’t get how they work anymore (liesss) and…

2.) Her industry pal, Ed Sheeran, makes it a mission to understand the logic behind them.

Here’s the exact quote:

“I’m just a little more chill about stuff like that now,” Swift said of the charts.

“Obviously, you want to do well, and you want to do things that people like and you want people not to make fun of you for that. A lot of the pressure that I feel in my career is just the fact that I’m compared to everything I’ve ever accomplished in the past and also new artists. I can’t live in that pressure cooker. Charts — I truly, truly do not understand how they work anymore.”

Then, the bomb: “My friend Ed [Sheeran] is such a chart monger. He’s obsessed with how it works and the math of it. I have no idea what goes on with the math with it now, it used to be so easy. I don’t even get how, people get a big release week, because they they sold T-shirts, or they sold concert tickets with their albums. It’s just very confusing. But I was stoked about the “ME!” music video getting that many YouTube views. I was like, well, that’s like, that’s something to write home about.”

After two and a half years, Ed’s Divide Tour became the highest grossing tour of all time, surpassing U2. He’s clearly a numbers guy. 

Taylor isn’t 100% aware of how the charts work in 2019? Taylor doesn’t understand tour and merch bundling? Taylor doesn’t get how streams versus physical downloads plays into Billboard? Sure, Jan.

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