The Seattle Symphony Orchestra is the latest addition to Tay’s squad.


Taylor Swift certainly understands December is the month of giving back.

The Out Of The Woods singer has generously donated a TON of cash to a Seattle orchestra after falling in love with a recording they did of John Luther Adam’s song Become Ocean. The orchestra’s conductor made a statement:

“I was thrilled to hear that Taylor was moved by Become Ocean. This is a powerful piece with a unique soundscape. We’re especially thankful that she wishes to support our musicians and that she shares our belief that all people should be able to experience symphonic music.”

Perhaps this song is a very early taste of the type of musical direction Tay will take her next album? Would you be down for orchestral Swift?

After a string of donations throughout the past year, it’s clear Taylor is intent on making sure her millions are spent wisely.

Taylor’s 1989 World Tour stops at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia tonight.