And performs for their first dance.


Singer shakes off any post-breakup blues and parties with her fans.

Wasting no time moving on from her break up with Calvin Harris last week, Taylor Swift made good use of her hiatus from performing by, well, finding somewhere to perform!

Specifically, she showed up at super fans Max Singer and Kenya Smith’s wedding to surprise them, something Swift is no stranger to doing. She often surprises fans when they least expect it, usually after lurking on her official Tumblr, where fans often communicate with her about their personal lives. However this time, the appearance was a special gift after the hardships faced by the couple recently:

Back in April, [Max’s sister] Ali reached out to the “Shake It Off” singer, 26, about the death of her and Max’s mother in a touching letter, telling Swift how her brother had wed his wife in the hospital so their mom wouldn’t miss out on one of the biggest days of her son’s life.

Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

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Third wheel ?

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She even serenaded the newlyweds at their reception, giving a special stripped-back performance of her hit single Blank Space:

Taylor wasn’t going to show up to a wedding without a wedding gift. She handmade an embroidered picture frame for the couple, featuring Blank Space lyrics: