Christine and the Queens thinks Taylor Swift’s music video for “You Need To Calm Down” is slightly problematic.

Swift has come under fire this era for using the LGBTQ community as a marketing tactic to sell albums. That’s not my personal belief, but you know the Internet loves outrage.

Singer Christine and the Queens, who identifies as pansexual, recognizes Swift’s recent positive support for the LGBTQ community through her music and public displays can help a lot of people, but can also understand why some find it disingenuous. To refresh your memory, the “YNTCD” video featured drag queens and includes pro LGBTQ lyrics, like “Why are you mad when you can be GLAAD?”

“I’m conflicted,” she said of the video to NME. “I guess somewhere, young gay men might watch that Taylor Swift video and feel a sense of relief. Five years on [since she entered the industry] and you can tell that being queer has been glossed out as this super-fancy accessory.”

Chris adds: “You can tell that the queer aesthetic is being used to sell things. The mainstream needs that life because it’s so vibrant. But I think the core of the queer aesthetic cannot be sold.”

Swift recognized staying silent on important issues, considering her huge celebrity, was irresponsible. She took matters into her own hands this era, which on the surface yes, comes off a little forced at times, but it beats the alternative. She called for passage of the Equality Act, which protects LGBTQ people against discrimination in the work place and in their communities. She shared her spotlight with drag queens in her video and on stage at the VMAs. She alienated fans who shared different views by taking a public stance. 

As a white, straight, rich woman, Swift can’t truly understand the complexities of what it’s like to live in a world as a person who identifies as LGBTQ. She’s aware of that, but wants us to know she has our back regardless.

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