I want to hate her, but I can’t! Seriously, can this girl do no wrong? Does she **** out sprinkles and rainbows?

Not only is Taylor Swift’s new album, Fearless, the #1 album on the Billboard 200 for the 7th non-consecutive week, but now she’s talking nice about our Brit!

In a recent blog on Swift’s official Myspace page, the country singer talks about her mom re-arranging her room, noticing her Britney poster has been moved. Scandal!


“…But then I turned around and was startled by something… Where was my Britney Spears poster…. No, this can’t be right… WHERE is it?!? I searched the room frantically for a few seconds before finding it’s new spot. My Britney Spears poster (from 6th grade) had been relocated to my bedroom, which is another AMAZING upgrade. This way, I see it more often and it more proudly displays my unwavering devotion to Britney Spears…”

There’s about a million more words in her blog, but the rest is about… I don’t know I only read the part that featured Britney.

Ugh, is this me starting to actually like her?

Click READ MORE for Taylor Swift’s entire blog.

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