Taylor Swift buries hatchets, but she keeps maps of where she put em. And they’re all over the world.

Taylor Swift buries hatchets, but she keeps maps of where she put em.

And they’re all over the world.

In Taylor’s new music video for “End Game,” the pop star trots the globe and serves some delicious looks.

Swift jets off to Tokyo to grab dinner and drinks with Ed Sheeran before making her way to Miami to rock out with Future on a luxury yacht. Tay and Ed end up reuniting in London for a New Year’s Eve celebration with friends. 

There’s an important blink and you’ll miss it moment when Swift is ignoring everyone at the shindig to play a game of snake. We see what you did there, Swift. 

It’s a bummer there’s no real concept for the song, but it’s a visual spectacle.

Who’s partly responsible for this? Swift teamed up with director Joseph Kahn for the clip. He’s responsible for most of her catalogue in recent years, including 1989‘s “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” “Out Of The Woods” and “Wildest Dreams,” as well as this era’s “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready For It?”

There was some serious momentum to a rumor that Katy Perry was featured in the video, but fortunately there’s no cameo. That would have been disastrous. 

Watch below:

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