Taylor Swift says it’s not cool that artists are forced to release songs until one sticks.

The digital era demands musicians constantly release new music because listeners’ attention spans are increasingly growing shorter. Squirrel!

That results in an artist releasing multiple songs before even announcing an album. Often times, if a song underperforms, the artist will delay or even scrap their album and head back to the drawing board in the hopes they can capture magic in a bottle (AKA perform better on the charts).

Camila Cabello comes to mind. In the span of three weeks, she dropped four singles off her forthcoming album, Romance, yet no word on when the LP drops. She only finished recording Romance a week ago. Some wonder if she went back to the studio to work on songs that sounded similar to the best-performing track of the four. Smart for business, bad for artistic integrity.


“As long as people dropping just singles want to be doing that then I’m fine with it, but if it feels like a big general wave that’s being pressured by people in power, their teams or their labels, that’s not cool,” Swift tells MusicWeek. Swift of course is a music veteran and knows the game inside and out.

It’s worth pointing out Swift typically releases a lot of singles from her albums, but they’re selected after the album is finished and not based off fan reaction / chart performance.

What do YOU think? Are artists being pressured to release a bunch of singles, or is it just the new normal? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I think that because of the pressure, releasing so many singles is the new norm. Swizzy is just lucky because she knows her fan base so well that she can confidently create & release content without compromising her integrity.

    1. LOL TEA. And again, another pop artist who is complaining in a streaming driven rap/hiphop era. No one is pressuring artists to release a lot of content until something sticks. If that were the case, we would’ve gotten more than 2 singles from ‘Glory’. That’s only a thing for flop artist like Camila Cabello who has released 4 singles in the last 2 months that all have flopped. Moreover, it’s only a problem with pop sounding pop artists. I say ‘pop sounding’ because Ariana is a pop artist but I think sonically she isn’t ‘pop sounding’ right now. You never hear rap artists complain about these things because they are winning. Only pop artists today complain because they are losing. I’m not saying Taylor is losing or flopping because duh she isn’t, (unless you count all of Lover’s singles [and Reputation’s as well] not enjoying the same successes as 1989 singles did) but I’m saying in general, pop artists are on the losing end.

  2. I agree. Artists (actually, music labels) are spoiling the public. We need to re-educate people on how to consume music… Each release should be a party and there should be a story behind it, not just random releases just to try to catch people’s attention. That’s awful, because when we look back on an artist’s career and catalogue, we won’t be able to make sense out of it or get a good idea of who that artist is. Also, there’s no way that an artist can process their feelings in such a short period of time or in a regular basis. They/We are not machines, so that makes this new way of releasing music dishonest and superficial.

    1. So true! The way we consume music nowadays (and tv shows, entertainment) is quite scary. I don’t have the time to get bored with a song anymore. I am already listening to the next song out and forget about the previous ones. I wonder if in 20 years, people will look back like the way we did with the 80s. We still remember these iconic songs. Will we still remember songs from the streaming age in 20 years ? 

  3. I highly doubt we’ll remember a lot of music years from now. A lot of stuff, yeah, I’ll love the sound/lyrics/message in the moment but it’s definitely not something I’m going to remember  let alone remind myself I need to hear a year or decade later. A lot of it is really, really disposable- for me. In 5 years, who’s going to be around?, i think it’s the artists that actually put their blood, sweat and tears into their work that usually stick around. Ugh, 🤢 ‘when I was a kid’  Mariah was in her prime and there was The Bodyguard. Madonna was just inappropriate. Britney’s music has always been all about *** but she wasnt actually ever like that. In Pop, there’s room for everyone but you gotta have something to say.

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