Taylor Swift and Lorde Deny Feud Rumors With Sassy Tweets

April 7, 2015 By Aaron

Check out the girls response to the claim that all is not well in paradise.


High-profile BFFs Taylor Swift and Lorde are shaking off rumors that they’re in the middle of a falling out with a couple of cute tweets.

Taylor Swift and Lorde have always been one of the oddest celebrity friendships, but they say opposites attract and it’d seem like their unusual bond is stronger than ever. In response to the persistent claims from the press that the two girls have fallen out over a reported duet, Taylor tweeted this in the early hours of this morning:

With Lorde following up with a confirmation of her own only minutes later:

There’s something a bit hilarious/absurd about the idea of Taylor Swift and Lorde laughing about press articles over FaceTime at stupid o’clock in the morning on opposite sides of the planet.

Are Lorde and Taylor the cutest, or what?