Tammy & Co. (Kevin’s publicist): “Dancer, rapper, and co-star of the reality televison show Britney and Kevin: Kevin “K-Fed” Federline. Chaotic released his highly anticipated first single “PopoZao” exclusively through Yahoo! Music Unlimited at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2006 – and fans have come in droves to his website (http://www.kevinfederline.com) to the tune of 2 million total hits and counting to listen to Federline’s Brazilian inspired dance track that is sure to set dance-floors all over the world on fire! Federline’s first studio album is due out in Spring 2006, and he’s decided to do things his way by releasing the album via the internet – continuing the cyber revolution and the way that music is released and promoted in this day and age.”

So it’s maybe true after all that Kevin couldn’t get any record label deal. He now has to release his album by himself… On the internet. Interesting, sort of.

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