That’s what Britney thinks about this! Seriously, who the **** are these people anyway?

Some horrendous band called Take That (Not gonna lie, I have a list of like 5 jokes I can make out of that name) is slamming Britney! Do they KNOW who she is? Do they KNOW how ******** and defensive Britney’s fans are? They will soon!

Gary Barlow and Howard Donald from Take That, who’s new album is also named “Circus,” trashed Britney after seeing her X-Factor performance last week to The Mirror, saying:


“I don’t see the point of Britney anymore, she was rubbish on the show. I think she’s more famous than she deserves to be now.

Why come on a show like that and mime? I don’t like her new song either. Her old stuff was great but maybe she should have spent more time on this one.”

The singers continue their bad Britney coverage by dissing her singing ability, and Britney’s lack of understanding of what X-Factor is really all about. Like she cares!


“The truth is all the contestants on X Factor are so talented and were able to sing and dance live, so why couldn’t Britney do it?

It’s the whole point of the show and her miming looked stupid. It’s not that she can’t do it, Britney is really talented and can sing – I just don’t think she understood the show.

“I think probably she was made to do it as a promotional opportunity in England. Britney is unlikely to have had a lot of say in it. The contestants did a better job than her. I’m glad she’s back but X Factor wasn’t right for her.”

Not a smart move, fellas; prepare for Hurricane Britney Fans, mother fuckers!

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