Take One Then Watch Calvin Harris' "Slow Acid" Video

Calvin Harris’ new music video is Silver Surfer chic.

There’s no vocals on the superstar DJ’s new song for “Slow Acid” off his upcoming album “Motion,” but it’s still listenable. Directed by Emil Nava, Harris’ new video shows a homeless, drug addict woman in a swarm of silver robbing a bank and walking through darker parts of town before surrendering herself to a man in a limousine.

The song is an unusual departure for him, seeing as he normally features an A-list artist to an upbeat background. Not this time.

At the end of the video the woman is holding a gun leaving the car before transforming into her natural, silver-less self. It appears she kills him then sheds herself of the negative layers slathered on prior.

It’s trippy and cool though. See it here:

Get “Motion” on iTunes (out November 4).