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Here’s The Tracklist For Taylor Swift’s New Album, ‘Lover’

Taylor Swift’s forthcoming record drops August 23.

I hope you’re in the mood for love, because Taylor’s “romantic” new album is on its way. There are 18 tracks in total, making this her lengthiest record to-date. Swift confirmed the song titles.

It features a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks on a song titled “Soon You’ll Get Better.” Earlier this month, Swift invited some fans to a private listening party. One of the attendees (despite being told not to) shared the tracklist, and it turned out 100% accurate.

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In her new interview with Vogue, Swift described two of the songs on the supposed tracklist, including the album title track and “The Man.”

“[‘The Man’] plays with the idea of perception” because she wonders how people would have perceived her had she been a man. “If I had made all the same choices, all the same mistakes, all the same accomplishments, how would it read?” Swift explained. It’s described as a synthy ear-worm.

The Dixie Chicks collab, “Soon You’ll Get Better,” reportedly details Swift’s mom’s battle with cancer.

Producers include Jack Antonoff, Joel Little, Louis Bell, Frank Dukes & Taylor.

See the full tracklist below:

1) I Forgot You Existed
2) Cruel Summer
3) Lover
4) The Man
5) The Archer
6) I Think He Knows
7) Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince
8) Paper Rings
9) Cornelia Street
10) Death By A Thousand Cuts
11) London Boy
12) Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)
13) False God
14) You Need To Calm Down
15) Afterglow
16) ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)
17) It’s Nice To Have A Friend
18) Daylight

“This album, in tone, it’s very romantic,” Swift recently said of the forthcoming LP. “Not just simply thematically, like it’s all love songs or something. The idea of something being romantic, it doesn’t have to be a happy song. You can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through things in your life… it just looks at those things through a romantic gaze.”

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Taylor Swift’s Star-Studded “You Need To Calm Down” Video Champions The LGBTQ Community

Taylor Swift is all above love on her latest ‘Lover’ release.

Congrats, guys, we made it through the “ME!” era. The song didn’t connect with audiences the way most of her past works do, and that’s O-K (spelling is fun!), but Taylor needed to pull something out of her hat that recaptured us. She did that with her latest release, “You Need To Calm Down.” It’s appropriately titled considering the ME! backlash, but more importantly… it low-key addresses outrage culture that’s hijacked Millennial culture on the Internet. Like, NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CANCELLED.

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On “You Need To Calm Down,” Taylor’s songwriting takes center stage. It’s got more sticky hooks than I know what to do with.

“You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace,” she sings over a beat she co-produced alongside Joel Little. “And control your urges to scream about the people you hate / ‘Cause shade never made anybody less gay.” There are tons more cheeky lyrics to sink your teeth into, including “snakes and stones never broke my bones.” Man, she’s really not going to let up on the snake thing is she?

This is a promising sign for the 18-track album. “ME!” was not what I’m used to from Tay Tay, especially after she ravaged my body with Reputation, but “You Need To Calm Down” restored my faith. I get that she wanted to rebel against the murky spirit of her last album with “ME!,” (a pallet cleanser, according to her) and mission accomplished, but listeners have grown so accustomed to her razor sharp songwriting, that this is a welcome return. “You Need To calm Down” is an exuberant, carefully crafted track that deserves your undivided attention. That’s attention… with two t’s.

As for the newly-premiered video, it’s a vibrant clip of colorful characters who toast to equality. It stars a dozen famous gay people, including Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Reynolds, Bobby Berk, Billy Porter, Ciara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Justin Mikita, Adam Lambert, Todrick Hall, Hayley Kiyoko, Adam Rippon, Chester Lockhart, Dexter Mayfield, Hannah Hart, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France. There’s also a special cameo from Katy Perry (Internet implosion in 3… 2…).

At the end of the video, Swift shares a message: “Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally.”

Watch below: