Justice For Iggy Azalea’s “Started”

She deserves better than this. Iggy Azalea just released a new song and video for “Started,” the latest release from the newly-independent artist, but despite having millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube, the song failed to impact the Hot 100. Iggy’s not happy about it. An account on Twitter that tracks chart performance notified […]

“Yeah by taste, they mean payola.” Iggy Azalea Puts Spotify On Blast

Payola is the music industry equivalent of the Lori Loughlin college admissions scandal. Iggy Azalea just dropped an icy rap bomb with “Sally Walker.” The song made the top 5 on iTunes’ Top Songs chart, the video was viewed nearly 30 million times, and it racked up 4.6 million + streams on Spotify. Iggy hoped […]