The Scoop On Katy Perry’s New Song “Harleys In Hawaii”

Katy Perry readies her next release. Katy Perry has decided to hold off touring for the foreseeable future to focus on releasing new music. She kicked off the festivities with the Zedd-produced banger, “Never Really Over” then tapped Charlie Puth for “Small Talk.” It appears she already has her sights set on the next bop. […]

Adam Lambert’s Funky “Comin In Hot” Video Is Mesmerizing

No chill. Adam Lambert is put in a trance by a seductive Goddess in his new music video for “Comin In Hot,” the first taste of the singer’s forthcoming two-part album, Velvet. The Monarch-produced track incorporates a groovy beat & slinky production, and that’s captured in the captivating clip perfectly. As Adam makes his way […]

Anitta Heats Up The “Make It Hot” Video With Major Lazer

Shake what your mama gave ya. Major Lazer and Anitta teamed up for a new summer dancehall-inspired song titled “Make It Hot.” The video just arrived, and it’s a wild party with Anitta helming the festivities. When she’s not performing for a massive crowd, she’s at a house party shaking her famous derrière and strutting […]

Cardi B’s Violent Video For “Press” Is NSFW

If looks could kill. Cardi B’s new music video for “Press” might be her best video to-date, but it depicts senseless acts of violence for shock value, and in a time when America is plagued with mass murders by guns… it’s extremely insensitive. Related: Using Her Name For Clickbait: Watch Cardi’s “Press” Performance At The […]

Katy Perry Reminds You She’s Here To Stay On “Never Really Over”

Katy Perry’s new song and video has arrived. The pop star’s music has always been tongue and cheek, and “Never Really Over” doesn’t disappoint. After Witness flopped, the GP drew a line in the sand, but Katy’s kicking up the dust. On her Zedd and Dreamlab-produced new tune, Katy sings about a relationship that’s enduring, […]

Halsey Drops One Of The Best Pop Songs/Videos In 2019 With “Nightmare”

Pop hath no fury like a woman scorned. Yooo Halsey took a left turn from the style of music she typically releases, you know… the EDM-laced club bops with more often than not a male feature, but she snapped. Instead, Halsey put on her lab coat and concocted a hybrid of pop and rock with […]

David LaChapelle Distances Himself From The “Make Me” Music Video Leak

Director David LaChapelle says the version that leaked of the original “Make Me” music video is not his. Seemingly out of nowhere, a rough cut of the first video treatment for Britney’s lead Glory single hit the net – first with a watermark, and then later without. A few minutes of the original video surfaced […]

Mariah Carey Adds Shawni To The “A No No” Video: Watch

UPDATE: Not to be a downer, but Mariah released another remix of “A No No” that no one asked for. This time, with Shawni. Mariah Carey’s new music video for her latest Caution has arrived (and leaves in ~30 seconds). I have to laugh. Mariah can probably count on one hand how many times she’s […]