In the Mind of a Popstar: What Mental Health Means in Today’s Music Industry

Bus, Plane, No Sleep, Club, Another Club, Anxiety, Paparazzi, Concert, No Sleep, Photoshoot, Depression, Body Dysmorphia, Concert Bombing, Album release, Bi-polar disorder, broken marriage, Award Show, next place, trauma, another concert. We’ve all seen the headlines.  Demi Lovato isn’t sober anymore. Lady GaGa has PTSD. Katy Perry chopped her hair off yearning to be just […]

The #FreeBritney Movement Inspires New Status Hearing Regarding The Conservatorship

The world of Britney is a mysterious place. Here’s what you need to know. After allegations from BritneysGram came to light, claiming the pop star was placed in a mental heath facility in mid-January against her will, the Britney Army has been engulfed in a tidal wave of misinformation, conspiracies and speculation. The unfortunate situation […]

Britney Army Stages Protest In Support Of The #FreeBritney Movement

The campaign gains momentum. Dozens of Britney Spears fans joined forces outside City Hall in West Hollywood on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and N. Sweetzer Ave. on Monday afternoon (April 22) amid the energized Free Britney initiative. Their mission? To shed light on an injustice to Britney’s basic human rights. The protest is […]

Ariana Grande Is Having A Tough Time On Tour

The pressures of a demanding tour are weighing heavily on the pop star’s mind. It’s no secret that touring is a label’s bread and butter. They invest in the singer’s albums, and in return the artist tours… you know… ROI. However, the schedule is often grueling – jamming in as many stops as a trek […]

The Aftermath: Britney’s Mental Health Check-In

The world is rooting for Britney, especially those closest to her. Fans are still processing the news that Queen B has reportedly checked herself into a mental health facility to deal with emotional stress. After months of silence, and without one single photograph surfacing of the singer, Britney suddenly returned when she posted a quote […]

Justin Bieber Speaking Out About His Mental Health Struggles Is A Brave Step Forward

The pop star’s vulnerability can inspire millions. There’s only a handful of people in the world who can relate to the extreme rise to fame that Justin Bieber experienced. Superstardom provided Bieber with fast cars, big homes and girls, but it also stole the typical childhood most of us cherish. Almost overnight, Bieber became so […]