Taylor Swift Removed The Line ‘Hey Kids, Spelling Is Fun!’ From “ME!”

Spelling is no longer f-u-n. Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, drops August 23rd. It already sold more than a million copies ahead of its release. One line Swifties won’t get to enjoy any longer (or mock, depending on who you ask), is the infamous “hey kids, spelling is fun!” line heard before one of the […]

We Have Reason To Believe Taylor Swift’s New Album Is Titled ‘Kaleidoscope’

Can’t spell Kaleidoscope without cool! Taylor Swift recently released the song/video for her new single, “ME!” The collective Internet joined together to say I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU WHO DARE YOU. I’d like to point out that Taylor is a marketing genius, so perhaps she knew releasing a kids’ […]