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Britney’s “Love Me Down” Co-writer Jesse St. John Spills The Tea On The Song’s Creation

The low down on “Love Me Down.”

Britney’s Glory album is considered part of the Holy Trinity (along with In The Zone and Blackout) because it’s jam-packed with sonically superior bops. One of those is “Love Me Down,” a stellar dance track co-created by singer-songwriter Jesse St. John along with, Evan Kidd Bogart, Jessica Karpov and Andrew Goldstein (Goldstein is also responsible for producing it). Shout-out to Glory‘s A&R, Karen Kwak – she’s responsible for getting St. John to conjure up this magical mantra after Britney was originally supposed to sing “Secret” (which ultimately went to Charli XCX).

According to John, “Love Me Down” was slated to be released as a summer single, but the Glory promo came to a halt after “Slumber Party,” and that’s a real shame.

John opens up to BreatheHeavy about the song’s creation process, Britney’s contributions and more. Read the interview below: