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Iggy Azalea Deletes Social Media In Light Of **** Photo Leak: “I Feel Blindsided”

Iggy Azalea speaks out after a ******* photo from her GQ photoshoot hit the Internet without her permission.

The Australian rapper feels violated after a photo she took for GQ by photographer Nino Muñoz in 2016 was leaked to the worldwide web. Community forums like Reddit shared the image, which prompted hundreds of comments, many of which were explicit. The entire ordeal has seriously disturbed Iggy, so to evade the hysteria, she’s disabled her Instagram and Twitter accounts until further notice.

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“Recently some outtakes from my 2016 GQ magazine cover were leaked to the public,” she wrote. “A lot of high profile women have shot covers for GQ with a strategically placed hand ect Covering their breasts etc. I always felt they were very beautiful covers, so I jumped at the opportunity.”

“I hadn’t seen other women’s covers leak so I felt comfortable (on a closed set) to model for such a reputable magazine knowing only the images with my hands covering would be considered for print,” Iggy continued. “I never consented to taking ******* pictures for potential release, period.

“It was my understanding BEFORE shooting, GQ do not print ******* pictures,” she added.

Iggy says she feels “blindsided embarrassed, violated, angry, sad, and a million other things,” saying the moment she found out about the leak was “like a nuclear bomb” that “destroys you emotionally but leaves a path of destruction in your personal life.”

“Not solely because I didn’t consent to this—but also because of the vile way people have reacted,” she wrote. “A lot of the comments I see from men, in particular, taking things even further and sharing their thoughts and fantasies in regards to my body had honestly disturbed me. The outright wicked things people say is overwhelming & makes me feel like throwing up.”

The photog also weighed in, saying there’s an investigation in the works.

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