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Jamie Spears Suing Britney Spears Fan For Defamation

Britney Spears’ father Jamie has it out for the creator of fansite Absolute Britney.

The fansite owner, Anthony Elia, alleged in an Instagram post that Jamie Spears and team were deleting positive comments off of Britney Spears’ Instagram account in a bid to make her appear crazy to the public. It was also alleged that Britney would potentially see the negative comments and spiral. Team Britney claims Absolute Britney wanted people to believe they’re not acting in her best interest and are harming her.

See what the Exhale community is saying about this.

Their post read:

“So Britney’s team is deleting positive comments on her Instagram post and leaving negative ones to keep up the illusion that she needs help!” the concerned poster wrote. “They were all so quick to remove all comments before but now all the sudden they are leaving all negative ones but removing positive ones! How much longer is this going to be?!? This has to be human rights violation!!!!” The account added the hashag, “#FreeBritney”

Interestingly, Lynne Spears doubled down on the claims. She responded in that same post and said:

“I can’t believe u just posted this because I had friend tell me the same thing!” she wrote in the comments section. “I posted something and tried to go back and find it and none of it is in order and I couldn’t find mine, which I JUST POSTED???”

She added, “I know you are a true fan and love her so thank you for pointing this out because I had others say the same.”

Jamie and co. told Entertainment Tonight the allegations were untrue, however that wasn’t sufficient. According to a new report from TMZ, Jamie adamantly denies “using her social media in a way to negatively portray [Britney] and do her harm.”

TMZ says Jamie is upset Anthony reported the claims based off of a “gut feeling.”

Whether Britney is or isn’t in control of her Instagram account has been a point of contention for most of 2019. Fans are under the impression Britney does not have access to it, despite Britney saying she’s the one posting.

There have been some pretty wild claims made about Britney in 2019, like being held against her will at a mental health facility, giving her medication she didn’t want to take, taking away her smart phone and more, so it’s curious that Mr. Spears decided to hone in on this particular issue. Perhaps Lynne’s involvement in the situation – giving her stamp of approval on the Absolute Britney caption – hit too close to home.

Britney and Lynne were spotted vacationing together in Turks and Caicos last week.

You may recall Jamie Spears threatened to sue BreatheHeavy in 2009.

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Kim, There’s People That Are Dying: DJ Khaled Planning To Sue Billboard For Not Getting No. 1

DJ Khaled is taking his loss out on Billboard.

The song screamer is reportedly planning on filing a lawsuit against Billboard for his new album, Father of Asahd, not reaching No. 1 (it debuted at No. 2 behind Tyler, The Creator’s IGOR).

Khaled claims Billboard backtracked on their agreement that they’d count sales he made in a bundle deal with an energy drink. Bundling is a savvy way of inflating sales – artists can sell a merchandise or tour tickets and bundle their album with the sale and it’ll count towards the Billboard 200 chart. Apparently Billboard wasn’t keen on the energy drink collaboration, because they discounted the reported 100,000 sales he made with it, citing “strange anomalies in the data.”

In other words, they weren’t down to count Khaled’s sneaky marketing tactic, and he’s fuming. So furious that his team sent a legal letter to Silvio Pietroluongo, SVP of charts and data development at Billboard, Page Six reports.

“When Khaled’s team tried to appeal, Billboard refused to budge,” a source explained.

Khaled is angry because Tyler’s bundle deal counted, giving him a total of 165,000 albums sold, whereas Khaled came in with 137,000. He reportedly felt like his label, Epic, didn’t fight hard enough for his bundle drama.

A source from Billboard said Khaled is wrong when he claimed he’s missing 100,000 sales from his total amount, but did confirm a portion was rejected. Billboard is now reviewing their rules when it comes to bundling.

How embarrassing for Khaled. Not only does he look like a sore loser, but he’s emphasizing how important chart positions are when in reality they’re just a popularity contest. There are so many great songs/albums that don’t even come closer to the charts, does that make them any less incredible?

It makes sense that someone who yells on every song would raise hell about this.