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Kim Petras’ New Record ‘Clarity’ Is A Breath Of Fresh Air: Listen

Kim Petras has unleashed ‘Clarity’ in full.

A. Camp. Aign. Kim Petras dropped her new body of work basically one song at a time until the entire thing was available to stream. An ingenious tactic because it forces fans to pay special attention to each song individually over the course of two months versus the traditional 3-4 promo singles route and then the final project. We have intimate knowledge of every song now, and each soundtracked a different week of our 2019. There were a couple of gems she saved for today’s debut, including “Icy” and “Meet The Parents.”

Kim tapped infamous producer Dr. Luke for the album. Though his name resides in the darker corners of the Internet, there’s no denying he’s talented. Obviously Kim’s vocals are gleaming throughout Clarity, but the production is next-level.

Though Kim has a huge story to tell – she’s an out and proud transgender woman – Clarity doesn’t necessarily dive into anything too deep. Instead, it’s layered with guilty pleasure pop songs that are designed to bop along to. Not only does the listener get a chance to escape from everyday life with Clarity, but so does Kim. It’s a notion that she hammered home in our interview together, but she wants you to know she takes her career very seriously.

“Some people think I’m just this blonde, pop puppet. I’m an independent artist and I’m in charge of everything I do,” she told us. “I really care deeply.”

Kim added: “the last year has really given me confidence as an artist to try more things, to be even more experimental, and put out even bigger songs. I really think that having a fanbase gave me a lot of confidence in myself and, before that, I didn’t know if anybody would even want to listen to me. I feel really supported now. I think that’s the best thing that has happened to me. I really feel like I found myself, thanks to my music and my fans.”

Listen to the new record below, then leave an Exchange in Exhale and tell us what your favorite song is!

Featured Kim Petras Songs

Kim Petras Drops “Another One”

The rising starlet shares another taste off her forthcoming album, ‘Clarity.’

Since April, Kim has consistently released one song per week. That means fan already have their paws on nine of the 12 total tracks, the latest being “Another One,” a cool mid-tempo about feeling insecure your boo is falling in love with someone else. The piercing insecurity is wrapped up in an icy beat co-created with Dr. Luke.

In our interview with Kim recently, the pop star tells us she thinks some people see her as “just this blonde, pop puppet.”

“I’m an independent artist and I’m in charge of everything I do,” she says. “I really care deeply… A lot of people think that pop isn’t real music and I disagree. I think there really is an art to writing pop music.”

Clarity arrives June 27.

Listen to the latest gem below.

Featured Kim Petras Songs

Kim Petras Needs Saving On New ‘Clarity’ Release, “Personal Hell”

Kim Petras sacrifices another offering with new tune, “Personal Hell.”

If you’ve been following Kim these last several months, you’ve been fed well. The rising pop star has consistently released one song per week for two months, and this week is no exception. “Personal Hell” is one of the best she’s put out thus far, and that’s saying a lot considering we have “Got My Number” and “Do Me.”

Read about and listen to Kim’s new songs here.

On it, Kim searches for love to save her from her “Personal Hell.” The harsh truth is that she’ll never find it outside of herself, but instead of explaining Kim’s existential crisis, I’ll fill you in on the subzero beat, crafted by Dr. Luke, Vaughn Oliver and Aaron Joseph, and its glorious lyrics. Check out the intro below:

Summer sun, don’t feel a thing
Overthink ’bout everything
When I think of you, you give me chills
Yeah, I’m sad but down to ****
Want you more, this ain’t enough
When you kiss me, boy, I don’t need pills

“Personal Hell” is the latest release off Kim’s new project, Clarity, out June 27 (listen to the album title track here).

“This project is all about finding myself. It started with ‘Broken’ and will end with Clarity because it reflects my personal journey over the last two years,” Kim said of the new
project. “In writing my new music, I’ve learnt that a lot of the little things that go wrong in
life don’t really matter at the end of the day. If anything, I’m now a stronger person because of them.”

BreatheHeavy recently interviewed Kim. Read that here, then listen to the new tune below:

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Kim Petras Is Pop Music’s Fastest Rising Star: BreatheHeavy Interview

If you risk nothing, you win nothing, and Kim Petras likes her odds.

Streaming culture is a fickle thing, and Kim knows it. The pop star’s fame has reached new heights in 2019 due to an onslaught of fresh material. While she works on recording an album AND a followup to Turn Off The Light, Kim has steadily released a half-a-dozen songs in recent times, including “Sweet Spot,” “Blow It All,” “Got My Number,” “Broken,” “All I Do Is Cry” and her brand new release (as of today), “Do Me.” Kim treated fans to an accompanying lewk for each release, and it amounted to an impressive visual and sonic rollout.

Prior to that, the 26-year-old unleashed an arsenal of genuinely delicious pop bites, like “Heart To Break,” “Got My Number” and “In The Next Life.” Think of her newest buzz tracks as a heavy appetizer before the main course and dessert. I hope you’re starved, because Kim is ending world hunger.

Give the singer’s new song a spin, then feast your eyes on our interview together below. Kim touches on the energy her fans bring to the table, life changing experiences in the industry, tracks left on the cutting room floor, the new tunes and more. Bon appé***!

You’ve released bop after bop. What’s your perception on how people view your music now versus when you first started?

I think I have a loyal fanbase now that are really good at sending my songs to everybody once I release them. I’m really excited. They’re doing a lot for me by doing that, so I’m thankful because I’m lucky to have that. I love that I’ve built a reputation of releasing quality songs. I’m just really blessed that people perceive me this way and that people take my music seriously.

What’s one of the best experiences you’ve had in the last year music-wise?

Last year was completely life-changing for me. I just think, in general, the last year has really given me confidence as an artist to try more things, to be even more experimental, and put out even bigger songs. I really think that having a fanbase gave me a lot of confidence in myself and, before that, I didn’t know if anybody would even want to listen to me. I feel really supported now. I think that’s the best thing that has happened to me. I really feel like I found myself, thanks to my music and my fans. 

Have there been any songs you’ve recorded that were left on the cutting room floor you wished made the cut?

Yes, for sure. I keep going back to play with old songs. I’ve written hundreds to get to the songs that I am at. I will never release a song I don’t think is great, so a lot of songs are left on the cutting room floor. There are some songs that, even years later, I’m like “I got to figure out how to make this amazing.” Usually, me and my collaborators are pretty good at telling what songs are going to be great once its finished and which ones we should abandon. But you never know – years later you sometimes listen to a lyric and you’re like “Oh, yeah, that’s good. Let’s try that again.”

There’s no denying Dr. Luke is an innovative producer, but most people perceive him a certain way. Has that been a hurdle for you, or is it something you don’t choose to engage with publicly?

It’s something I don’t choose to engage with publicly. 

Can we look forward to a TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOLUME II?

Of course. I spoiled the surprise naming it Volume 1. There’s a Volume 2. Its coming out this Halloween and I’m really stoked about it. TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1 did amazing things for me and I didn’t expect it to. To me, and a lot of people on my team, it was just fun – like a weird, little Halloween record. And then it did amazing things and played at every single album party there is; it really gave me some die-hard fans. I still love listening to that record from front to back, just all the way through. So, we will pick up right where we left off.

What’s the experience been like recording your debut album, and what do you want people to take away from it once it’s complete?

It’s been really amazing, I was on tour for a long time before that and was doing a bunch of promo. I wasn’t really able to be in the studio. I love being in the studio and being able to write every day. In the beginning, I experimented a lot. I just wanted to work with different kinds of people and try out all the kinds of sounds that I’m into. I went into a bunch of sessions with people I’ve never worked with and I went back to collaborating with people I have worked with. It’s been a really amazing experience and I think I’ve really grown sonically and as a songwriter. I think it’s a step up. I mean, I don’t want to say too much about it because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m extremely excited and I love this more than anything I’ve ever done before – even though I’ll always love the songs I dropped in Era 1. I just think this is my best project yet.

What’s something you feel misunderstood by when it comes to your music?

A lot of things. Some people think I’m just this blonde, pop puppet. I’m an independent artist and I’m in charge of everything I do. I really care deeply. I know some people took “I Don’t Want It At All” the wrong way, but to me it was always a fun song. Somebody, who I think worked with Madonna back in the day when she dropped “Material Girl,” told me that she almost couldn’t come back from that because people thought it was vapid talking about wanting boys to buy you stuff. I just thought it was funny, but people took it very seriously. So, I think that song is my most misunderstood and sometimes reflects on me. I’m just kind of like “Why aren’t people willing to laugh? That song is a fun song. It’s not supposed to be anything serious.” I just want to have fun doing what I do and I think a lot of people just don’t understand the humor there. They think that real music has to be serious. I disagree. A lot of people think that pop isn’t real music and I disagree. I think there really is an art to writing pop music.

What do you consider being successful in music means?

It means something different to everybody. To me, being able to tour my entire life, having a real, legit career, relating to people – that’s kind of everything. Of course, I want big hits and I still want to chart this year. I’m competitive. I want to be able to compete with everything good that’s out there. Right now, being successful is going on my first tour this year and dropping my first complete project. As long as I’m always growing, getting better, and making my fans excited about music and about life, that is what being successful means to me. 

Close your eyes and picture what your career looks like in 5 years from now. What do you see?

I don’t want to have any expectations, because I feel like having big expectations makes me disappointed in reality. I’m trying to not picture anything and just let it happen, to be honest. I know that’s boring… Of course, I want to be as big as I can be, drop the best songs I can drop, and genuinely be happy. That’s always my goal.

Is there an inspirational quote or mantra you live by that you’d like to share with your fans?

I try to live by “don’t be afraid of making mistakes” and “trial and error.” I don’t like to go into things with fear. I think you can always tell when someone goes into things with fear. If you risk nothing, you win nothing. You have to be willing to lose and to fail and be able to be like “I’m going to bounce back from that.”

I also spoke with producer Jesse St. John, whom Kim frequently collaborates with (she literally leaked his phone number on “Got My Number”). He had this to say about Kim:

“Kim is literally one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with,” John said. She’s a songwriter first, and she knows exactly her brand and who she is. It’s not created outside of her, it comes from exactly who she is, and she is really intelligent and a really really adept songwriter. We connect so much because we’re both students of pop music… we just love pop and pop girls. It’s so fun to meet somebody who connects on that so much. I think connects so much with people because I feel like people can hear that. They feel like, ‘I feel seen.'”

You can read more of my chat with Jesse here.

Featured Kim Petras Songs

Kim Petras’ New Song “Sweet Spot” Is Euro-Dance Pop Perfection: Listen

I wanna with youuuu.

Kim Petras’ reign won’t let up. She’s released a new song every week for four consecutive weeks, and has delivered yet another bop ahead of schedule. It’s titled “Sweet Spot,” an electric-tinged, euro-dance bop that finds the singer cooing over an infectious disco beat. It might be my favorite track she’s put out in 2019 (I realize I say that every post).

“Sweet Spot” sounds reminiscent to songs featured on Kylie Minogue’s impeccable Fever album, and that’s extremely welcome.

“Sweet Spot” is pop music magic in part thanks to an all-star team of writers and producers, including Kim, Dr. Luke, Vaughn Oliver, Aaron Joseph and Theron Thomas.

On it, Kim sings about dancing the night away with someone special.

“Baby don’t stop, don’t stop / We’re getting to the sweet spot, sweet spot,” she croons. “Baby it’s a sure shot, sure shot / We’re getting to the sweet spot, sweet spot.”

The lyrics aren’t exactly Shakespeare, but it’s not meant to be. It’s a pop gem that gives the listener a golden opportunity to set their troubles aside for several minutes and escape into a purple and blue-lit haze of lights and vodka sodas. I see a lot of us getting f–ked up to this.

“Sweet Spot” coincides with Kim’s newly-announced tour dates. It follows “Blow It All,” “Got My Number” and “Broken.”

See what’s good below:

Featured Kim Petras Songs

Kim Petras Brings The Snow To Summer On “Blow It All”: Listen

Kim celebrates living life in the fast lane.

The devil works hard, but Kim works harder. The rising pop star continues her single streak with a new tune titled “Blow It All.”

On the track, co-created with Aaron Joseph, Ryan Ogren, Theron Thomas and Dr. Luke, Kim sings about living the no f–ks life. I’m fairly certain the blow in “Blow It All” is a subtle nod to the magic dust.

“Shorty in the bathroom and she asking where the coke at / I spent 20 thousand just to leave it on a coat rack,” Kim croons over a sparkly beat and dreamy synths. Elsewhere, she doubles down: “Can’t take it with ya, blow it all tonight.” I see you, Kim, and where can I get some (asking for a friend).

“Blow It All” is another precious pop bop in the long line of Kim classics. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and her budding catalogue created in a relatively short time-span is impressive. In case you’ve lost track, this marks Kim’s third consecutive week releasing a new song – it follows “Broken” and “Got My Number.”

Listen to “Blow It All” below:

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New Phone Who Dis? Kim Petras Drops New Bop “Got My Number”

Secure the bag.

Kim Petras is one of the hardest working players in the game. She continually drops one banger after the next, and despite having just released a new tune last week with “Broken,” a dreamy mid-tempo about heartbreak, Kim has already moved onto the next. Her latest release is titled “Got My Number.”

On it, Kim boasts a cocky swagger as she sings about wanting to be a bad girl, and if that’s your thing… hit her up.

“949-331-0609 / Call me up, call me up, for a good time,” she sings over a stuttering beat co-produced by Dr. Luke. “I be waiting up for ya / Baby, I’ma *** it up for ya / Gotta little something, something for ya / Want a little something, something don’t ya?”

I personally tried calling the number above, but the mailbox is full ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Not sure what I would have said had Kim picked up, but I probably would have shouted “wassup biiiiich.”

Listen below:

Featured Kim Petras Songs

Kim Petras Serves Pop Perfection On New Song “Broken”

Queen Kim returns.

Rising pop sensation, Kim Petras, continually serves up fresh-sounding bops. “Heart To Break” and her first installment of Turn Off The Light were my go-to jams when life chucked me a piece of vanilla f–k you cake last year. It appears Kim also felt some fiery angst in the time since her ghoulish Halloween LP was released, because her new single, “Broken,” is a response to when your significant other eats your heart.

Cooing over icy synths and a stuttering, twinkly beat, Kim laments over a recent split.

“You cut me open, I cried oceans / All I wanted was devotion,” Kim croons on the Dr. Luke-produced new tune. “I got nothing / Hope you happy with your new *****.”

Kim can do no wrong in my book. Everything she’s released thus far, including “Homework” with lil aaron, “If U Think About Me…,” and “1,2,3 dayz up” feat. SOPHIE, are, as the headline boldly states, perfection. “Broken” is another slice of delicious pop pie.

Listen below: