Kelly Clarkson Urges Taylor Swift To Re-Record All Her Music

Kelly Clarkson gives Taylor Swift some advice in light of Scooter gate. Taylor Swift is disturbed that Scooter Braun owns all of her masters as part of his purchase of Big Machine Records. Everyone in the industry weighed in on the controversy, including Kelly Clarkson, who thinks Taylor should re-record all of her music so […]

Kelly Clarkson Is Reportedly Crafting A Monster Pop Album

Kelly Clarkson is on the way to save pop music. We’ve been waiting for a moment like this. The Grammy award winning singer is reportedly combining pop with soul on her next album, and according to Internet buzz (never wrong), it’ll be huge. Rumor has it Kelly’s ninth studio album will feature some superstar producers […]

Kelly Clarkson Nails Cover Of “Shallow”: Watch

If anyone can give Lady Gaga a run for her money, it’s Kelly Clarkson. The talent jumped out! Kelly Clarkson is known for choosing a different song to sing at her shows, and her performance in Wisconsin was no exception. Clarkson decided to tackle Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Grammy award winning song, “Shallow,” and […]