Is This Photo Of Danja With Britney & Justin Tranter In The Recording Studio?

The Britney Army investigates. Danja, one of the masterminds behind Blackout, has worked on multiple songs for Britney’s tenth studio album. He even teased what we presume are lyrics: “welcome to the jungle.” B10’s executive producer, Justin Tranter, recently posted a photo of the two together. They’re clearly working together on new Britney tunes, and […]

Britney Is Excited To Get Back To Her Career, Quietly Working On ‘B10’

It’s been a while… In January, Britney announced her Las Vegas show, **********, is on hold until further notice. Until the pop star’s father, Jamie, fully recovers from a major health complication, Britney won’t be working (an indefinite work hiatus, *****). That means her forthcoming album is also on hold, but a new report from […]

‘Blackout 2’ Here We Come! Britney Is Working On Multiple Songs With Danja

Britney Spears links up with Danja, of Blackout fame, for her tenth studio album. Ladies and Gentlemen, we interrupt our program of Dance Music to bring you a special bulletin from the intercontinental radio news. Queen B recently announced an indefinite work hiatus for the foreseeable future. Manager Larry Rudolph confirmed that also meant halting […]