Relatable Queen: Britney Spears Shopped At Target Over 80 Times Last Year

Financial documents in Britney’s conservatorship case reveal the pop star’s largest expenses in 2018. Britney has a court hearing regarding the status of her conservatorship on Thursday (August 15). The people in charge of it are required to list the money going in and out of her account. This year, Britney’s conservatorship became a point […]

Jamie Spears Suing Britney Spears Fan For Defamation

Britney Spears’ father Jamie has it out for the creator of fansite Absolute Britney. The fansite owner, Anthony Elia, alleged in an Instagram post that Jamie Spears and team were deleting positive comments off of Britney Spears’ Instagram account in a bid to make her appear crazy to the public. It was also alleged that […]

Judge Grants Five-Year Restraining Order; Sam Lutfi Must Stay Away From Britney

Sam Lutfi’s involvement in the #FreeBritney campaign amounted to a new restraining order. A judge granted Team Britney’s request for a restraining order against Sam Lutfi at a hearing held in the L.A. County Superior Court on Thursday (June 13), TMZ reports. The permanent extension happened several weeks after a temporary one was put into […]

Britney’s Conservatorship Judge Orders An Internal Investigation

The judge wants answers. Britney has remained under personal and financial conservatorships for more than 11 years, but she’s ready to stand on her own. The pop star reportedly told the judge overseeing her conservatorship case she was held against her will at a mental health facility and given medication she didn’t want to take. […]

Britney Army Stages Protest In Support Of The #FreeBritney Movement

The campaign gains momentum. Dozens of Britney Spears fans joined forces outside City Hall in West Hollywood on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and N. Sweetzer Ave. on Monday afternoon (April 22) amid the energized Free Britney initiative. Their mission? To shed light on an injustice to Britney’s basic human rights. The protest is […]

The Aftermath: Britney’s Mental Health Check-In

The world is rooting for Britney, especially those closest to her. Fans are still processing the news that Queen B has reportedly checked herself into a mental health facility to deal with emotional stress. After months of silence, and without one single photograph surfacing of the singer, Britney suddenly returned when she posted a quote […]

Is This Photo Of Danja With Britney & Justin Tranter In The Recording Studio?

The Britney Army investigates. Danja, one of the masterminds behind Blackout, has worked on multiple songs for Britney’s tenth studio album. He even teased what we presume are lyrics: “welcome to the jungle.” B10’s executive producer, Justin Tranter, recently posted a photo of the two together. They’re clearly working together on new Britney tunes, and […]