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New Phone Who Dis? Kim Petras Drops New Bop “Got My Number”

Secure the bag.

Kim Petras is one of the hardest working players in the game. She continually drops one banger after the next, and despite having just released a new tune last week with “Broken,” a dreamy mid-tempo about heartbreak, Kim has already moved onto the next. Her latest release is titled “Got My Number.”

On it, Kim boasts a cocky swagger as she sings about wanting to be a bad girl, and if that’s your thing… hit her up.

“949-331-0609 / Call me up, call me up, for a good time,” she sings over a stuttering beat co-produced by Dr. Luke. “I be waiting up for ya / Baby, I’ma *** it up for ya / Gotta little something, something for ya / Want a little something, something don’t ya?”

I personally tried calling the number above, but the mailbox is full ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Not sure what I would have said had Kim picked up, but I probably would have shouted “wassup biiiiich.”

Listen below: