Britney Spears Featured RX

Britney Spears: The Crucified Pop Star

Millions of people flock around a woman, all screaming one name.

Thousands of cameras are flashing as a fragile 5 foot 4 inch woman emerges amidst the chaos in large sunglasses and a messy updo. She forces a smile as large, muscular bodyguard ****** her to a black car. Legions of Paparazzi barricade her car as flashes of light blind her while she struggles to make an escape from this swarm of strangers. She treks through life day to day like this, masking all the hurt and pain inside her petite, barbie like frame. She manages to put a smile on her face, and despite how jaded someone in her position could be, she exudes a gentleness and patience like no other. She is perhaps one of the greatest female entertainers of this time, Britney Spears. Once just an ordinary American girl with a big dream and an innocent heart, she slowly climbed into international fame, selling over 83 million records worldwide in just one decade. Though some may argue it was a seamless effort, it was not until the pinnacle of her fame that the seams began to show and Spears garnered more attention for her distressed personal life than her music career. The humanity of the girl underneath the perfect blonde hair and tight bedazzled costumes started to became a topic of both ridicule and constant criticism. Spears must possess a complex personality with underlying layers that even the magnifying glass of the media can not see. With the facilitation of Carl Jung and Alfred Adler’s personality models, I will explore the personality of Ms. Britney Spears.

Listen to the “Crucify Me” demo submitted for Blackout then continue reading…