#FreeBritney Roundup: Larry Rudolph Says Britney May Never Perform Again

As Britney takes steps to dissolve the conservatorship, manager Larry Rudolph comments on her mental and physical health. Rudolph has remained silent throughout the #FreeBritney movement following allegations first brought to light by BritneysGram that his client was placed in a mental health facility against her will and forced to take drugs. Related: Why We […]

Britney Reportedly Confirms Allegations She Was Forced Into Treatment Against Her Will

The pop star joins the #FreeBritney movement. Britney participated in a status hearing last Friday (May 10) to discuss the latest ongoings regarding her conservatorship, and during the meeting told the judge some extremely disturbing news. Britney reportedly confirmed the allegations first brought up in the controversial BritneysGram episode that claimed the singer was committed […]

Britney’s Conservatorship Status Hearing: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Free Britney movement inspired Britney to show up. UPDATE: It’s not entirely clear what transpired during today’s status hearing regarding the conservatorship, however we know for sure Britney attended with her mom. They reportedly walked into the courthouse through a back-entrance holding hands. Dozens of Britney fans protested outside the court house holding signs […]

The #FreeBritney Movement Inspires New Status Hearing Regarding The Conservatorship

The world of Britney is a mysterious place. Here’s what you need to know. After allegations from BritneysGram came to light, claiming the pop star was placed in a mental heath facility in mid-January against her will, the Britney Army has been engulfed in a tidal wave of misinformation, conspiracies and speculation. The unfortunate situation […]

Revived #FreeBritney Campaign Unveils Chilling Claims

The Britney Army rallies the troops, but is the fight justified? It’s not the first time BreatheHeavy has typed the words “Free Britney.” In 2008, shortly after Britney was placed in a conservatorship, which she still remains in today, BH publicly denounced the legal restraints she was under and championed the initiative… but to no […]