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Justice For: Katy Perry’s “Bon Appé***” Is Extremely Underrated

‘Witness’ has long been regarded a very difficult album to love, and “Bon Appetit” is perhaps the best example of why.

Justice For is a new recurring series on BreatheHeavy where we look at songs/videos that should have received more attention/critical acclaim, but didn’t.

“Bon Appé***” is a decidedly left-field choice for a single that eschews the candy-coated formula of prior Perry eras. However, that’s precisely why the track deserved more than its lukewarm response, and also why Witness remains one of Katy’s strongest albums. Let’s be clear: the era was a mess and Katy made some truly ridiculous missteps during the promotion, but don’t get it twisted—despite the few duds it encloses, Witness is an album stacked with capital-b BOPS, among them this oft-neglected flop—by Katy’s standards, of course.

The track has recently been making waves on streaming services, though. UMG gave “Bon Appé***” an inexplicable marketing push and YouTube’s mercurial algorithms have also favored it as recommended viewing, insofar that it jumped into the top-15 videos on YouTube with almost 5 million daily views. It’s collected almost 700 million now, a stupefying fact given the collective shrug most pop fans offered in response to the track and Witness two years ago. The song’s disarmingly fetish-filled music video is decked with user comments reflecting on how well the song aged, and for once they’re right: “Bon Appé***” is an overlooked gem in Katy’s history of bombastic pop singles, both more experimental than her prior work and less bizarre than Witness’s more fearless deep cuts. Underneath the echo-chamber acoustics of the track’s minimalist electronic instrumental lies a killer earworm hook and one of the more noteworthy music videos in Perry’s videography.